Spartans Sports Camp
Mountain View High School
3535 Truman Avenue | Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 479-5906 |
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Spartans Sports Camp - History

A part of the Mountain View High School athletic department, Spartans Sports Camp (SSC) was originally the brainchild of John Payne, a former athletic director at MVHS. The campís direction was taken over by MVHS alum Doug Wiersig (Ď05), who later enlisted Ricky Appler (Ď07). The two worked together with the athletic department of MVHS to secure funds and promote the camp. Soon recruiting future counselors to help promote, Doug and Ricky hired high school students as counselors and began the inaugural day of camp on June 11th, 2012. The camp ran every week from then through the week of June 27th, not including the week of the Fourth of July. The camp continues to benefit the athletic program and has donated over $210,000 since it's inception in 2012. Parents & campers continue to be thrilled with the experiences they have with Spartans Sports Camp, allowing for the camp's continuation. This is now the sixth year of Spartans Sports Camp.  

Cumulative Money Raised for MVHS Athletics:
since 2012!